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Academic Acceleration Recovery Centers provide an alternative education option within each comprehensive high school.  The centers offer a highly supportive environment  in which students receive individualized attention and progress monitoring.

The centers focus on credit recovery and academic acceleration for students facing challenges in the comprehensive high school setting.

An independent study format is used. Students are assessed for placement.  They then select their course of study.  Students participate in online lessons, receive technology assistance, and take part in regularly scheduled study sessions. Completed work in standards-based curricula is reviewed and assessed by a highly trained teacher during regularly scheduled weekly meetings.

Students are required to attend the Academic Acceleration Recovery Center program for two hours each day during an assigned resource block.  In addition, students generally complete 4.5 hours of assigned work at home every day.  Some students may need more or less time to complete assignments.

Eligible AARC students remain connected to the comprehensive school program and may participate in activities such as sports, dances and assemblies.


How to Enroll in the Academic Acceleration Recovery Center

Students, parents or counselors may request a referral to an AARC.  The intake process involves the student’s high school counselor, the Assistant Principal in charge of the intake process and AARC staff.

Upon approval of the request, parents and student will meet with the AARC staff to establish the Independent Study contract and enroll in the Academic Acceleration Recovery Center.  The Independent Study Contract clearly defines the roles of student, parent and staff.


AARC Curriculum

The AARC curriculum is the same standards-based course of study used in classrooms in the comprehensive high school.  Some courses are offered through special arrangement.  The program allows students to gain credit  toward graduation at  their own pace with individualized support. 


Oceanside Unified School District

Course of Study


English 9, 10, 11 12 40 Credits
Math, including Algebra Geometry 30 Credits
History/Social Studies 30 Credits
Science 20 Credits
Foreign Language 10 Credits
Fine/Performing Arts 10 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits
Electives, and Health Requirement(online) or Contemporary Living 60 Credits
  220 Total
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