Tech Support

For technical support, please submit your request: Help Desk 

Tech requests will require your regular Windows login to access (firstname.lastname or firstinitial lastname) and your password. When you visit the site, you may want to Bookmark or Favorite it in your browser.  If the link is not working, you may contact our main Information Services Help Desk at 760-966-4438.  The following table lists a few of the most widely-used applications and services we support and the primary and secondary contacts for each.


Service or Application Primary Support Secondary Support
Escape Nathan Huggins  
Office 365 Nathan Huggins  
Spam Filter Nathan Huggins  
Content/Web Filter Nathan Huggins  
E-mail Nathan Huggins  
Web Publishing/School Loop Matt Evans Nathan Huggins
CALPADS Alex Cannon Dean Robinson
Network Connectivity Mike Gravlin Nathan Huggins
Telephones/voicemail Eric Carr Mike Gravlin
Destiny Nathan Huggins Mike Gravlin

Terry Loftus

Director, Technology and Information Services


Tech Support Priorities

Information Services technicians often have far more requests for assistance than they can get to in in a given day.  When that happens, we use these guidelines to determine what to do first.

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