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Special Education Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Mr. Boyd!

NCCSE Special Education Teacher of the Year.



Congratulations to Oceanside's nominees: Cindy Harrison, Dawn Wilkes, Melody Nourani, Xye Sanders, Michelle NcNeal, and Shannon Bires!

Welcome to Special Education

We are committed to the identification and service of special education students in the least restrictive environment possible. As a member of the North Coast Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE), we offer a full continuum of special education services that appropriately meet student needs. Our dedicated special education staff provides services for students with disabilities ranging from mild learning disorders to severe physical and mental handicaps. Credentialed special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, adapted physical education specialists, providers for the visually impaired and school psychologists make up our exceptional special education professionals.

What is Special Education?

Special Education is specialized instruction provided for children from birth to age 22 who qualify according to the laws and regulations outlined by the state and federal government. A student may ...more

Special Education Rights of Parents and Children.

This information provides you as parents, legal guardians, persons authorized to make educational decisions, and surrogate parents of children with disabilities an overview of your educational rights ...more

Courtney Cook
Director- Special Education
Tel: 760-966-7864
Fax: 760-439-8095

Diana Marie Casato
Coordinator- Special Education
Tel: 760-966-7891
Fax: 760-439-8095

Mary Trujillo
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 760-966-7871
Fax: 760-757-1424


Program Specialists (NCCSE/Special Education)

Alicia Alvarez

Robin Ancona

Heather Bangalan

Oscar Madera

Jerie La Roche

Common Core is changing how we do business in Special Education.

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